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trip's almost over, guys

yeah, so my epic adventure's about to come to an end.


Jul. 27th, 2009

so i've been on this trip for eight days, and there's more than fifteen left, i think.

i've been telling myself that i'll do a bunch of work. surprisingly, i haven't really done anything.

african drums huh?


trip, wut?

me-time with the pulmonary palimpsest!

no, but seriously, going overseas in about three days. should be fun.


huh well yeah

so everything's pretty relaxed right now. paradoxical, i guess; the trip is coming up in a little over a week, eight days or so i think now. no idea if i'm ready or not.

probably not when it comes to schoolwork etc. ah well.

kalla's leaving in a couple of days. i'm sad. like really sincerely upset. i don't want him to go.

i have my first solo radio show tomorrow night, which i'm excited about.

going to a party on saturday night, which i'm very much excited about. i hope it goes well.

time to watch coupling, i guess. i miss the people in europe.

catch you all later.



so looks like i'm going to miss four days of school due to this irritating illness. FOUR WHOLE DAYS.

but "meh!" i say! 'tis of no consequence.

check out my music, guys. i'm actually using compuar [sic] to listen to music instead of my poor ipod. it's getting quite worn out, i think, due to near-constant use for years on end, etc. did i mention that this song is fucking incredible?

my parents are thinking of getting me a tutor for physics, which is far and away my worst subject. actually, i did come last in the grade in eng. adv., but i think that's more to do with the fact that i skipped two assessments, rather than some kind of failure of intelligence on my part. this is my hope.

speaking of, though... umm... apparently long-term malnutrition can cause brain damage, and i've been extremely underweight for the last six years. maybe this has something to do with my complete lack of a functioning short-term memory. or much of a long-term one, for that matter.

going overseas soon! whoo! my first experience of an exotic, alien culture. the united states. another two weeks or so, i think, then i'm off. going to my first wedding, too, wearing jeans and a t-shirt with autographs on the back. and a leather jacket. because i only own five fucking items of clothing.

actually, apparently i have to go back to hospital about my eating. yey birthday, in every sense of the phrase.

i feel like shit, i'm going to sleep.

catch everyone later, i guess.

english, spree, anticipation

umm, english. yeah, yeats is eating me alive, from the inside. not in a good way; not at all.

i'm really starting to doubt my ability to actually, you know, DO SCHOOL. like, if i was a picture on failblog i'd have the caption "SCHOOL: UR DOIN IT RONG", or maybe even "LIFE" etc. what to do, what to do.

the polyphonic fucking spree. jesus christ the happiness is infectious. i'm worried that i'll be quarantined or something.

first performance with members of THE BAND (i.e. oetwo) tomorrow night, and then some radio, yeah?

time to study like i've never studied before, and i mean that literally; i've essentially never studied before. i don't know how this works.

trial and error!!! [sic]   


i haven't written in this thing for a long, long time. like five months or something.

listening to this tom waits album, it's pretty much incredibly brilliant. good stuff.

i have to see the principal tomorrow about how incredibly badly i'm doing at school, and i think i've injured my wrist. fuck.

someday i'll actually start writing some worthwhile entries in this thing, maybe. although i feel like i should probably spend that time working on my major works, you know? or perhaps the assessments coming up.

until next time, i'll be singing under the rainbow. or something.



i'm now 16 years of age


thank you guys for everything

i love you francesca



whoo yeah?

so yeah, i am back home again, after a week spent with my most favouritest [sic] person in the world. i've been home for one afternoon and i miss her. only three more days of school, and then we can be together again. *sigh* three days.

listening to this epic new album that i can has, see music below. thanks, kalla. as some random finnish dude says in this song, "sleep tight, tiger; sweet dreams 'till tomorrow". speaking of sleep, dreams, tomorrow, etc, i am EPICALLY TIRED. i have had like 12 hours of sleep in maybe four days or something. and it's all just caught up with me like a couple of minutes ago. *HEADPAINS*

had an english assessment today; winged it. have one tomorrow; winging that. have one on thursday, too, which i can't wing. pity. also, i sound like fucking what's-his-name, the protagonist of 'The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress'. Manuel or something. fucking libertarians, they should die in a hole.

yeah on another note, fuck you itunes. you suck.

i think i'm going to sleep now, which will presumably fix up my profanity issues. bass solo!

night, folks!
so yeah, dropping from advanced to general.

surprised, aren't you?

people have been saying all day to me, "dude! just do some fucking work and you'll be fine!"


i'll endeavour to explain. my mum was like "you do realise, you have the potential to be good at maths, it's just that you never do any work!" this is true, but her reasoning is fundamentally flawed. it doesn't matter how good (or rather, how much less crap than i am now) i could be at maths, because that hinges on the assumption that i can actually force myself to do the work. which i CAN'T.

the fucking END.

so yeah, rather than, say, going to my math exam, i went to the city with mon amour, where i purchased a most excellent record; and i do mean record. of the vinyl kind.

i need some kind of pure black tie.

bye for now.